Fabric Structures are Ideal Solutions for Salt and Sand Storage

Salt and Sand Storage, Fabric Structures Municipalities located in areas that receive heavy snowfall need to have large quantities of salt or sand at the ready to make driving on icy roads less dangerous for its citizens. These materials need to be protected from the elements to ensure their efficacy. For instance, salt dissolves fairly quickly when it gets wet and sand can clump up, effectively making the materials useless. Building a permanent salt and sand storage container can be expensive, however. A more cost-effective option that provides the same benefits as a permanent structure is a fabric structure from Big Top.

Because our structures contain no internal support columns or guy wires, there is ample space for trucks, loaders, and plows to operate within them. Our storage shelters can be anchored to nearly any foundation, so they can be installed right where salt and sand is needed the most, ensuring a speedy deployment.

Configuring a Tensile Shelter for Your Salt and Sand Storage Needs

Our shelters are supported by a galvanized steel frame that will hold strong through any type of weather and can be engineered for heavy wind and snow loads. We can also include climate control, such as a dehumidification system, to further protect your salt and sand from the elements. And, thanks to the fabric roof, which blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, your materials will be sheltered from excessive sun exposure. Another benefit of the fabric roof is that it is translucent and will allow in enough natural light to eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

Big Top can design a tensile structure to nearly any size. So, if you want to protect your vehicles and equipment after hours, we can build a storage facility that will be big enough to house them as well. When the winter season is over and the snow melts away, you’ll be able to quickly disassemble your structure and store it for future use, or you can move it to a different location and repurpose it for another area of your operations.

To learn more about how our fabric structures function as salt and sand storage facilities, contact Big Top today.