Fabric Structures for Prison Use

It’s a known fact that the majority of our prisons are overcrowded and understaffed, but in situations where security and optimal organization are required, what choices other than prison expansion do we have?

The answer is fabric shelters from Big Top Manufacturing.

Bear in mind, our enclosures are not employed to house or process inmates; because of the degree of danger involved, processes like those must take place in a brick and mortar building under strict supervision.

Fabric Building Solutions for Prisons

Big Top fabric buildings are useful, however, in a number of other ways within a prison setting. Here are just a few uses:

  • As warehousing and storage space for supplies and equipment
  • As a place for staff and personnel to gather and organize
  • For outdoor spaces not used by inmates, such as parking lots
  • Office space and areas for prison administrators can be constructed within a Big Top fabric building
  • To house police and transport vehicles away from the weather
  • As maintenance space when repairs are needed

Big Top fabric structures make ideal supplementary buildings on prison campuses for a range of uses aside from directly housing inmates. In fact, many government bodies use our enclosures as auxiliary buildings, meeting the needs that a shortage of space creates.

Also, because our structures are so easily relocated, you can mobilize them from one area of the prison campus to another when a need is met or operations shift. This saves time and money, not having to purchase and erect a second or third shelter. If a large, complex is required, however, our modular design makes combining units a feasible option.

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