Emergency Relief Fabric Structures

Emergency Relief Fabric Structures Having an emergency relief fabric structure from Big Top on hand is a great way to prepare for disaster. Our shelters are rapidly deployable, requiring less than a day to assemble, and can be anchored to nearly any foundation, including asphalt. In emergency situations, our shelters are typically used as:

A Base of Operations for Emergency Responders

From a command center and staging area to sleeping quarters for staff and storage for emergency equipment, including vehicles and aircraft, our shelters can be built to accommodate a variety of needs.

A Treatment Center for the Sick or Injured

Thanks to their modular design, Big Top’s fabric structures can be assembled with separate rooms for triage, first aid, and surgery. We can also include negative-pressure ventilations systems to maintain a sterile environment and stop the spread of pathogens and toxins.

Temporary Living Quarters for Displaced Victims of Disaster

Our shelters can be built to nearly any size and can include insulation and an HVAC system to keep victims who have been displaced by a disaster safe and comfortable until a resolution is found. They can also be used as emergency kitchens and food distribution centers.

Protection for First Responders and Victims

Big Top’s fabric structures are supported by a galvanized steel frame that will hold strong no matter what kind of weather your area is experiencing. Plus, the fabric roof repels 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, offering superior sun protection for staff, victims, and equipment. And, because the roof is translucent, the interior will be illuminated by natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. It is also NFPA701 flame-retardant as required by the International Building Code.

To learn more about how our emergency relief shelters have been used in cities across the country, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.