Fabric Structures as Remediation Enclosures

Environmental remediation offers several challenges, and noncompliance with local, state and federal authorities could mean paying large penalties, cessation of operations or forced relocation. However, anyone overseeing a remediation project soon discovers the importance of continuing the work on a daily basis despite the prevailing weather, and Big Top’s mobile fabric structures great assets.

Inclement conditions can halt remediation efforts for days or weeks without some form of climate control, but since remediation takes various amounts of time to complete, it does not make sense to build an expensive, permanent shelter. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a remediation enclosure from Big Top Manufacturing.

About Environmental Remediation and Fabric Encolsures

Environmental remediation is another name for the containment and cleanup of polluted soil or water. Remediation is often forced upon the entities responsible for contaminating the environment, but it may also be initiated by the perpetrators as a measure to prevent fines and legal action or to protect the health of workers and nearby residents.

Acceptable standards of remediation are strictly controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state agencies, but the specific actions that must be taken depend on the level of contamination and the types of contaminants present. Remediation efforts usually begin with the excavation, dredging or pumping of groundwater or soil to get to the contaminants. The pollutants are then treated through one or more processes, such as separation, absorption, solidification, oxidation or vapor extraction.

As you can tell, there are several component to environmental and having a comfortable, reliable base to store equipment, gather personnel and run necessary phases of remediation.

Features of Big Top Fabric Enclosures

Erecting a Big Top fabric enclosure over and around an environmental remediation site ensures that the work can continue undisturbed, day or night, through any weather conditions. Skipping a single day can set back efforts by weeks, which only serves to raise the final cost of remediation and the total losses experienced from the unusable land or water.

Big Top remediation fabric enclosures are tent-like structures that combine the best features of permanent and temporary shelters. These enclosures are built to last for up to 20 years, but they can be taken down and stored or relocated, in whole, as necessary.

The galvanized steel frame is the backbone of the enclosure. It is durable, resistant to corrosion and self-supporting. The space created inside is free of obstructions, and the ceilings can be made high enough to cover heavy equipment.

Stretched over the frame is an environmentally friendly fabric made of heavy PVC, which permits sunlight to filter through during the day. Ventilation, HVAC systems and other optional features may also be integrated into the structure as required.


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