Fabric Shelters for Pollution Containment

Pollution control is serious, and often immediately dangerous, business. Being out of compliance with state or federal regulations is a sure way to rack up hefty fines. One of the most difficult parts of dealing with pollutants and other environmentally dangerous substances is to establish a stable and secure location to store them while they are awaiting transport to a permanent disposal site. Most companies and individuals do not have the building space to store pollutants, and they cannot usually be stored outside. Fortunately, pollution containment fabric shelters from Big Top Manufacturing are safe, affordable and meet government standards.

About Pollution Containment

Industries and activities that produce hazardous byproducts are highly regulated at each level of the government. In many cases, these pollutants are stored in large containers away from the regular facilities. The waste must be taken to a designated disposal site by the company that produced it or by a third party licensed to contain and dispose of pollutants. However, it can be expensive or impossible to schedule regular pickups or deliveries. Because of this, pollutants must stay onsite for months or years before they can be properly disposed.

In most situations, it is dangerous and illegal to store pollutants in the open. If left unsheltered, environmental conditions may compromise the integrity of the containers. A simple solution to the problems of where and how to store pollutants is to use a pollution containment fabric shelter from Big Top Manufacturing.

What Is a Big Top Containment Fabric Shelter?

Pollution containment shelters from Big Top can be used as permanent or temporary storage solutions for dangerous contaminants. These shelters consist of a coated-steel frame and a fabric cover, which is usually made of heavyweight PVC. This material allows light to filter through but protects dangerous products from harsh environmental conditions.

One of the greatest benefits of Big Top fabric shelters is that they can be customized with climate-control systems. Humidity can be reduced or eliminated, and a constant temperature can be maintained with a full HVAC system. In addition, a negative-pressure environment can be created inside the structure, which can help prevent the air and soil outside from becoming contaminated.

Our fabric building solutions are 100% customized, so depending on what type of pollutant you’re containing and the duration with which it will be stored, we can work with you to ensure your shelter is suited specifically to your needs.

Other benefits of Big Top’s pollution containing fabric shelters include:

  • The shelters can be constructed and disassembled for storage in a single day.
  • They can be moved as a unit by crane or on wheels.
  • The lifespan of these shelters is up to 20 years.
  • They are guaranteed to be maintenance free.

If you’re unsure what type or size containment fabric shelter you require, or if you need for it to be extraordinarily mobile to accommodate different storage sites, contact us to start looking at different customization and accessory options.


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