Offices and Dining Facilities for the Environmental Industry

Big Top Structures are used widely in the environmental industry. In addition to protecting critical processes and equipment, Big Top Structures are employed to house staff members and workers onsite. These structures have been used as mess halls by the U.S. military and are ideal as small or large capacity lunchrooms. Each structure is custom-built, and can be scaled to provide shelter for small to large gatherings, meetings and onsite employee lunch rooms.

Our fabric structures can be erected quickly and easily, require little to no maintenance and can last for 20 years or more. When the structure is no longer needed, it can be dismantled just as easily as it was constructed, and can be put into storage indefinitely. The steel frame is galvanized to prevent rust or corrosion, and the fabric cover can be rolled or folded into a fraction of its outstretched size.

These fabric shelters are also completely mobile. If the building only has to be moved a short distance, wheels can simply be attached, requiring no dismantling. It can also be moved as a single unit by an aerial lift or crane. Here are a few more advantages of our fabric structures:

  • NATURAL LIGHTING – The translucent fabric allows enough natural light in during the day to prepare food and eat without artificial lighting. However we still offer plenty of electrical system options, including solar power.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION – Some of our smaller structures can be installed a day, and can also be quickly broken down and relocated as the needs and operations of the school change.
  • FOUNDATION OPTIONS – Big Top structures can be erected on a variety of surfaces, saving you money by not having to prepare a pricey foundation for your building.
  • WEATHERPROOF – Big Top fabric structures provide the ultimate in protection from rain, heat, cold and winds up to 120 mph.

So when it comes to the safety and comfort of your personnel, Big Top has a turnkey, durable solution that can fit within any budget. For construction sites, fabrication facilities, or any industry, our tensioned fabric structures have you covered.

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