Convenient and Cost-Effective Decontamination Shelters

It’s imperative for companies that work in industries where hazardous or radioactive materials are handled to have a decontamination shelter on standby in the event that staff members are exposed. For manufacturing and healthcare companies, the shelter, ideally, should be separate from the facility where the health of other employees can be put at risk. For organizations specializing in mining or environmental cleanup, the shelter should be as close to the worksite as possible to minimize the time between exposure and decontamination. Rather than invest in a lot of time and money to have a permanent building constructed, companies can turn to Big Top for a more economical, yet efficient solution.

Our fabric structures cost far less to build than permanent buildings, and they assemble much faster. Due to their versatility, they can be anchored to nearly any foundation, whether it’s an asphalt parking lot outside of a manufacturing plant or stacks of ecology blocks at a mining operation. Plus, they can be easily moved with a crane should you ever need to relocate your decontamination tent.

Environmental Remediation Containment

Big Top’s decontamination structures are used by companies that need tents for processing contaminated soil and storing it for removal. Air purification systems keep the contaminated materials safely contained and large bay doors can be included to accommodate dump trucks. Due to a modular design, our containment structures can grow in size as operations proceed.

Customizing a Fabric Shelter for Decontamination

Thanks to a modular design, Big Top’s fabric structures can be assembled as one large unit with interior areas sectioned off with partitions, or as a series of small modules to create separate rooms. There are numerous accessories we can include with your shelter to help with decontamination, including drains, an air scrubbing system, and an HVAC for climate control. We can also include vinyl flaps and other types of doors between rooms.

Other Benefits

Our tensile decontamination shelters contain a translucent roof that will allow in plenty of natural light to eliminate the need for artificial lighting. Plus, they’re supported by a galvanized steel frame that will hold strong through any type of weather.

For more information about how our fabric structures are used as decontamination shelters, contact Big Top today.