Fabric Warehousing Structures for Construction Companies

Warehousing, Construction

For many construction projects, companies require all the requisite equipment and materials be stored on the worksite to keep operations running smoothly. To ensure these items are protected during the job as well as off hours, they need to be stored in a proper facility. At Big Top, we specialize in designing and building temporary fabric warehouses where construction companies can safely store and quickly access materials and equipment.

Superior Protection From the Elements

It’s vital to keep construction assets protected against damage from the elements. Otherwise, materials can be rendered unusable if exposed to rain, snow, or too much sun. Thankfully, Big Top’s fabric structures are formulated to offer outstanding protection with a heat-reflective fabric roof. In fact, the roof will repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation for a UPF rating of 2,000 and a conventional rating of 50-plus. Not only will this maintain the usability of materials, but it will also maximize the lifespan of the electronics and paint jobs of equipment. Plus, it’ll help the interior maintain a comfortable temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside.

Minimizing the Need for Electricity

Another feature of the fabric roof is that it’s translucent and will flood the interior of your warehouse with natural light. One of the drawbacks of traditional warehouse structures is that they tend to be dark and therefore require an extensive artificial lighting system, which can drive up energy costs. But a Big Top fabric warehouse offers plenty of natural light, eliminating the need for electric lighting and minimizing energy usage.

Fully Customized to Meet Your Needs

A fabric warehouse from Big Top can be designed to meet your exact specifications. Here are some elements to consider as we design your warehouse:


Your fabric warehouse will be large enough to accommodate racking for storage, equipment, and whatever else you need to store.


We can provide flooring for your warehouse using an ultra-durable surface that is strong enough to handle the weight of forklifts and other equipment that will access the building.


Your warehouse can be equipped with doors for personnel and large bay doors for equipment access.

Climate Control

If the materials you work with require climate-controlled storage, we can include HVAC systems and insulation for your warehouse.


For construction sites that are located in areas that experience turbulent weather, Big Top can add extra engineering for heavy wind and snow loads.

Keeping Pace With Your Construction Schedule

Inevitably, as the construction of a building moves forward, space on the worksite will become limited. This is another way that a Big Top fabric warehouse offers an advantage: It can be moved as needed to accommodate changing production needs. For instance, we can equip your fabric warehouse for mobility so that it can be relocated elsewhere on the jobsite with a crane. Additionally, once the work on one job is complete and you’re off to the next project, your fabric warehouse can come with you by disassembling and shipping it to the new location.

To begin designing your fabric warehouse, contact Big Top today. We’ve been serving the needs of the construction industry since our founding in 1979, and we look forward to working with you, too.