Fabric Building Solutions for Terminal Enclosures

Tensioned fabric structures from Big Top Manufacturing work very well in aviation and airport settings as hangars, but they may also serve as terminal enclosures. Many smaller airstrips do not have terminals, and hangars at large airports may not be anywhere near a terminal. A mobile fabric structure as a terminal enclosure can be a welcome addition to any site used for airplanes, helicopters and aviation equipment.

Portable Airport Terminals

Not every airport is busy enough to warrant a permanent terminal. Many pilots, mechanics and passengers may be able to use the hangars when they need to get out of the heat, cold, wind or rain, but this is rarely comfortable.

Terminal enclosures from Big Top Manufacturing are made of high-test PVC fabric that is strong enough to protect people and equipment from rain, snow and 100-mph winds, as well as translucent enough to light the interior during the day without electricity. We do offer an array of custom electrical solutions, however, to meet the lighting needs of any project.

Supporting the fabric is an arched frame made of galvanized steel that has been hot-dipped in zinc. The frame is guaranteed to be maintenance free for life, and the strongest PVC fabric lasts for up to 20 years minimum.

A terminal enclosure from Big Top can remain in one place as a semi-permanent or permanent structure, or it can be quickly dismantled, relocated or stored for later use. Larger planes can also carry the disassembled fabric building so that it can be erected at a destination airport. In addition, a wheel system or crane can move the enclosure as a whole unit to your desired location.

Versatile and Affordable Fabric Shelters

Big Top terminal enclosures are both versatile and cost controlled. They can be erected on nearly any type of surface, including concrete, ballast blocks, asphalt and dirt. Also, if you have a sloped or uneven foundation, we’ll work with you to establish the most complementary and secure terminal enclosure design to compensate for that challenge.

Our fabric structures are modular in design, as well, so that they can be constructed in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes and environments. Sections can be added or omitted depending on size requirements, and they can be built with a sliding roof to allow for vertical access. Several modules can also be constructed in close proximity and connected to form a terminal complex with multiple rooms.

One of the greatest aspects of a Big Top terminal enclosure is that it is an extremely cost-effective way to provide shelter for people and air cargo. The cost of these enclosures is much lower than only the materials for traditional structures, and they’re low maintenance.

If you have an aircraft storage or cargo issue, or your looking to affordably construct terminal enclosures for airports of any size, we invite you to contact our team to start a discussion.