Sunshade Fabric Structures

When aircraft sits on an airstrip, the sun’s powerful rays can have a severe effect on the ability of technicians to perform essential maintenance. The metal surfaces simply become too hot to even touch. Our sunshades offer protection against the sun, but also anything Mother Nature can throw at you, whether it’s rain, snow or wind. This extends the life of the aircraft and preserves its paint and essential components.

Benefits of Big Top Sunshades

From military applications to airport installations, our sunshades have proven successful protecting a wide range of aircraft. Other advantages to Big Top shade structures include:

  • HEAT AND TEMPERATURE REDUCTION – Our fabric structures block the sun, and reduce temperature by as much as 50 degrees on your aircraft and equipment. This in turn serves to increase maintenance crew productivity, as well as worker comfort.
  • FOUNDATION FLEXIBILITY – Our sunshades are adaptable to almost any surface, including dirt, uneven surfaces and sloped foundations.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Our sunshades are designed for quick, easy assembly and disassembly. And with modular designs, they can be relocated in components or with a customizable automated relocation system.
  • TAX SAVINGS – Our fabric structures are considered temporary, and depending on local regulation, may be property tax-exempted. Also, on military bases, they don’t count against square footage requirements because of this temporary classification.

From the initial design meeting through manufacturing and installation assistance, we provide step-by-step support through the entire procurement process of your sunshade. Our team is comprised of product specialists, expert designers, craftsmen and technical support staff, all of whom ensure the process is simple and seamless.

So if you’re in need of weather protection or cost controlled sunshades at your airport or military base, contact us to start exploring your best options.