Military Airplane Hangars Made by Big Top Fabric Structures

Airplane HangarsAirplane hangars are rewarding investments. As a source of shelter from the elements, a hangar can not only prolong an aircraft’s aesthetic value, but also diminish its need for mechanical maintenance and extend its longevity as a whole. Additionally, hangars provide shade, which is surely a welcomed benefit by aviation mechanics and pilots who work in high-temperature locations. Despite the importance of airplane hangars, they can be difficult to build because of their cost. Fortunately, there’s Big Top Fabric Structures.

Big Top specializes in the manufacturing of durable, high-tension fabric hangars that can protect aircraft of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to their innovative design, our fabric structures can be quickly and easily erected, and are significantly less expensive than alternatives like metal buildings. Plus, they’re customizable. We offer everything from basic, open-ended shade structures to fully enclosed airplane hangars, complete with specialty doors and many other optional features.

One popular hangar for military use is our Flightline Sunshade, a shade structure that is:

  • Compact and open ended; a perfect structure to erect on a busy tarmac as place to temporarily park aircraft for shade
  • Easily assembled and dissembled, even by untrained personnel
  • Built with strong, galvanized steel frames and heavy duty PVC-vinyl fabric
  • Perfect for both temporary and permanent applications
  • Conveniently cost effective

For more information about airplane hangars, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. Our structures are available to customers worldwide.

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