Military Aircraft Hangars Custom-Made by Big Top Fabric Structures

Aircraft HangarsAircraft hangars are important investments because they protect aircraft from the elements, and this protection can reduce an aircraft’s need for mechanical maintenance and even extend its longevity as a whole. Despite the importance of hangars, they can be difficult to construct because of their cost. Fortunately, there’s Big Top Fabric Structures.

We specialize in custom-manufacturing fabric structures for a variety of applications. Military aircraft hangars are one of our specialties because of all the benefits that our structures have to offer:

  • Durability – We use PVC-vinyl fabric that is flame-retardant and has rip-stop scrims to prevent tearing in the event of a puncture.
  • Structural integrity – Our fabric structures are supported by galvanized steel frames and can be engineered to comply with specific regulations regarding wind load, snow load, and seismic activity.
  • Modular design – Our structures are built in sections, which makes them easy to install, expand, and disassemble.
  • Optional features – Upgrade your hangar with features like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, flooring, specialty doors and more.

In addition to full-size military aircraft hangars, Big Top also manufacturers smaller, slightly more portable Flightline sunshades. These sunshades are the perfect solution for a busy tarmac where they can be erected side by side to provide shade for any number of planes, helicopters, and other aircraft.

For more information about the aircraft hangars custom-made by Big Top, contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. We proudly serve organizations around the world.

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