How a Modern Aircraft Hangar Improves on a Traditional Design

Aircraft HangarAircraft hangars are traditionally built with metal, wood, and concrete, and are permanent structures at airports where aircraft can be stored and technicians can perform routine maintenance. However, there are drawbacks to this design that can place limitations on the needs of fixed-base operators and military organizations. For instance, hangars are notoriously difficult to climate control due to their expansive interior and open-ended structure, which exposes maintenance crews to all manner of weather. Industrial HVAC systems are often needed, but these can cause energy usage to quickly skyrocket. Plus, a permanent aircraft hangar would need to be sold and a new one purchased should operations need to relocate to a different facility.

These common pain points can all be resolved with a fabric aircraft hangar from Big Top. Our modern approach to aircraft storage and maintenance shelters includes an ultra-strong, galvanized steel frame with a thermally reflective fabric roof. In fact, the roof in our hangars is formulated to reflect 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, offering protection for your staff and maximizing the lifespan of your aircraft’s electronics. Additionally, by repelling thermal energy, our fabric hangars naturally maintain a comfortable interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature.

Furthermore, because a Big Top aircraft hangar can be anchored to nearly any foundation, including asphalt and shipping containers, it is a much more versatile option than a permanent building and can be constructed in non-conventional locations. If your hangar will need to be moved around your footprint or if you require telescopic maneuverability, we can install a railing system to provide the appropriate functionality. And, a Big Top hangar can be disassembled, conveniently stored for later use, and shipped to another location should your operations need to relocate.

A Custom Design to Meet Your Needs

Rather than purchasing a permanent hangar with fixed and often unchangeable features, you can spend less money and get the customization you need when you turn to Big Top to have an aircraft hangar built. As far as size goes, there is virtually no limitation – we can construct a simple, open-air sunshade or a vast hangar capable of storing an entire fleet of aircraft.

We can include a range of accessories in the design, including bay doors, personnel doors, HVAC systems, lightning protection, and much more. Plus, we can make sure your aircraft hangar is up to code should your base of operations be located in an area that requires additional engineering for heavy wind and snow loads.

Exceptional Service From an Industry Leader

Big Top can help you make the most out of your new fabric aircraft hangar with a range of helpful services. We can train your staff on how to build your hangar, or we’d be happy to provide an installation crew to take the onus off your team. We also provide ongoing tech support to help with troubleshooting or to provide guidance on expanding, relocating, or repairing your fabric hangar.

Since 1979, Big Top has been constructing hangars and maintenance shelters for private enterprises as well as military institutions. We’re a trusted source in the industry, and we look forward to designing a modern aircraft hangar to meet the unique needs of your organization. To learn more about our product and company, contact Big Top today.

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