An Aircraft Hangar From Big Top Will Protect Your Equipment For Less

Aircraft HangarBuilding a military aircraft hangar from scratch is a costly endeavor. Fortunately, there’s Big Top Fabric Structures. Unlike traditional metal hangars, our buildings don’t require permanent concrete foundations or expensive building materials, making them an exceptionally cost-effective solution for military aircraft protection.

Despite their lower price point, our high-tension fabric buildings offer the same amount of protection as a typical metal aircraft hangar. Made with corrosion- and rust-resistant galvanized steel frames and a heavy-duty, PVC-vinyl fabric that is flame retardant and rip resistant, our structures provide reliable protection from wind, rain, snow, and sun alike.

In addition to being both cost-effective and durable, Big Top’s hangars are:

  • Easy to install. In fact, they can be erected by a team of laborers with no prior installation experience.
  • Adaptable to nearly any type of environment. Available with all sorts of options like lighting, HVAC, insulation, specialty doors, and more, an aircraft hangar from Big Top can be customized for your unique needs and location.
  • Available quickly. We have an efficient manufacturing process that enables us to offer fast lead times – usually just around three to four weeks.

Big Top has worked with the military for many years, and knows that sometimes a permanent aircraft hangar only goes so far. On a busy airstrip where plans are coming and going frequently, it’s helpful to have temporary aircraft shelters as well – and Big Top has created the perfect solution. More lightweight than permanent aircraft hangars, our Flightline Sun Protection Shelters are designed to be quickly erected on an airstrip, making them the perfect solution for temporary aircraft protection.

If you need a military-grade aircraft hangar that you can rely on to protect your flight equipment, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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