Wheel & Rail Mobile Fabric Structures

During consultation and initial design meetings with many of our clients, we learn that ease of mobility is often a priority. For this reason, we have several different options to make moving your fabric structure manageable. Wheel and rail mobility are both good options, and depending on the specifics of your application, we’ll help you determine which will work best for your project.

C-Channel Wheel Systems

Regardless of which wheel or rail system you choose to mechanize your fabric structure, it will be custom designed and incorporated into your specific application. We’re able to design our structures to move via inverted c-channel wheel systems, and compared to other methods of mobility, this is one of the most economical. It does have its limitations, however. For the channel to properly, safely control the direction of travel, the operating environment must be clean and well maintained. Debris can impede the travel of the fabric structure and make moving it less secure.

ASCE Crane Rail Systems

At Big Top, we highly recommend the crane rail method to guide our fabric shelters. We provide comprehensive packages that include:

  • Wheel assembly
  • Restraint plates
  • Necessary bolts
  • Mounting plates – for 30 pound or 100 pound ASCE crane rail

For our smaller assemblies, where more rapid relocation is a viable option, we also supply rubber casters and caster jacks to facilitate a faster move.

Another benefit to crane rail systems, in addition to the fact that they’re more forgiving and versatile, is the fact that rail mounted shelter systems can be stored very conveniently. They’re stacked, smaller sections inside larger sections, to conserve the most amount of space possible. We offer several configurations from which to choose, and our knowledgeable staff can educate you the benefits of each.

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