Convenient, Crane Liftable Fabric Shelters

At Big Top Manufacturing, we put emphasis on flexibility. Our design and manufacturing process is adaptable to your application specifications, and we ensure that regardless of the challenges your project site presents, we have a solution to overcome it.

In many cases, this is where our crane liftable fabric structures offer the greatest advantages. There are many site challenges that crane mobility allows our buildings to overcome.

  • Sites that don’t allow for easy, clear access
  • Sites with unique foundation challenges
  • Temporary sites – if you know relocation is scheduled, moving by crane is a convenient option
  • Sites slated to have multiple fabric structures erected and arranged
  • Sites for multi-phase projects where one shelter can be re-used to keep costs controlled

Benefits of Crane Liftable Fabric Structures

One of the biggest benefits of crane liftable tension fabric buildings is the convenience they offer, such as reusing one shelter for separate phases of a project, moving shelters quickly and easily to and from nearby locations, and rearranging multiple shelters within one project site. All of these can be simplified by crane-assisted mobility.

Another large benefit is the amount of time saved. With non-crane liftable fabric shelters, disassembly of the structure must occur before you can relocate it. While Big Top’s structures are installed and dismantled with relative ease, it still takes time. Being able to move the whole structure at once saves man power and is often a more cost-controlled method of mobility.

We do recommend exploring this option at the onset of the project, as opposed to after the structure is erected. If you know you’ll be moving your building, contact us to discuss the manufacturing process and benefits of crane liftable design.

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