Benefits of Fabric Structure Solar Panels

The energy-saving benefits of solar panels, for nearly every application, are well known. However, we provide solar panels for our fabric structures that offer additional advantages to our clients.

  • We build and manufacture our solar panel systems 100% in-house
  • They are non-fossil fuel and oil dependent power systems that offer nearly the same flexibility as traditional electrical systems
  • Our solar panel packages don’t require gas-fueled, noisy generators to operate, even if your fabric structure is off conventional power grids
  • Each system is powered by gel batteries and is self-contained
  • Our systems are portable – like our fabric structures – renewable, eco-friendly power sources that can save you money and reduce energy usage
  • It’s cost-effective, environmental technology for government and military industries
  • Our solar panel systems provide industrial grade durability, efficiency and eliminate unexpected blackouts and downtime

Plug and Play Power Systems for Fabric Structures

Among the greatest benefits of Big Top’s solar panel packages is their thoughtful, “plug and play” design. When your system arrives onsite, you’ll find all components carefully packaged and placement instructions included. Once in the sunlight, the solar-charged and battery-based system is ready to begin providing your fabric structure with adequate lighting.

Your box is equipped with a solar array and can be simply plugged into the pre-equipped foundation of your building – ready for use. It’s very simple to connect, and depending on your battery count, four to six lights per box can be sufficiently powered. We also insulate our boxes with foam to keep interior temperature levels surrounding your batteries controlled.

If you’re looking for a way to customize your fabric building’s lighting while cutting long-term costs and reducing your structure’s footprint, we recommend contacting us to discuss the added benefits of our solar panel systems.


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