Fabric Building Winch Doors

There are many options available to you regarding the customization of your tension fabric structure, including its doors. We’ve found our winch-operated doors to be versatile and fitting to several types of applications within a range of industries.

These doors can be custom build to fit various sized openings in your fabric structure, and they allow for quick access as their travel time is rapid and smooth. Located inside the shelter is a high-speed winch that automatically raises and closes the door using a series of vertically installed cables. After the door is closed, the winch serves to snug the cables for wind load and security.

Regardless of your clearance height, the step-by-step process of operating a Big Top winch door is simple. Snap hooks along the bottom of the door keep it secured to the foundation when it’s not in use.

Winch doors are ideal for fabric tents that need large-scale clearance, and because their operation requires so little effort and access is quick, they’re fitting for an array of fabric structure applications. They are also quite durable, making them options for shelters located in more challenging environments.

If you’re looking for a door that opens and closes with ease; provides quick access; is durable and extra secure; and can be operated by following a few simple steps, winch doors are an excellent option for you

Benefits of Winch Doors

  • Appropriate for a range of fabric structures in various environments
  • Vertically run cables for support and easy maneuvering
  • Fully automated using a high-speed wench
  • Fast open and close time leading the quick access
  • Snap hooks for added security, as well as durability and wind load

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