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Tension Fabric Shelter Door Options

Big Top Manufacturing has been in the business of building tension fabric shelters for decades, and if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s the fact that each application is different. For every component of your structure, we provide options, choices that give you the flexibility you need to create the building solutions best suited to your needs.

Our doors are no exception, and we offer a selection from which to choose.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are a popular choice for their aesthetic appeal. Whether you need single, double or oversized, we carry stock to meet your demands. We can also help you automate and further accessorize your glass door with awnings and covers.

Metal Doors

Big Top offers doors made from aluminum and other metals to meet the requirements of doors in more demanding climates and environments. If weather is an issue where you’re shelter is located, we recommend a sturdy, metal door.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors have such extensive practical uses that we find them favorable for many types of applications. Large flap, fabric roll-up doors come in a wide range of sizes, and metal roll-up doors can be customized with a finish that complements your fabric shelter.

Freezer Doors and Windows

Fabric structures used as freezers require specialized doors and windows that can offer quick access but provide adequate insulation. If climate control is paramount to the success of your application, Big Top has the doors and accessories to ensure the desired temperature and environment is maintained.

Big Top also offers advanced winch operated doors and hydraulic doors that provide benefits such as large scale clearance, easy access, as well as minimal effort and time to operate.

Whatever your fabric structure’s intended use, our team can provide the doors and accessories to enhance its functionality.

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