Fabric Structure Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic doors for your tension fabric structure offer an array of advantages that, at first, you may not realize. One is that despite the fact they are industrial and durable, they are also incredibly lightweight making them easy to integrate into flexible applications.

Big Top’s hydraulic doors are clad in fabric meaning they are far less heavy than some other metal fabricated doors. Because they’re a fraction of the weight, they are far less cumbersome to install.

Our hydraulic doors are very simple to use and allow for easy access into even the largest fabric structures. Auto controls with simple button action maneuvers the door, and with an outward swing radius, it’s imperative you use caution when operating in order to guarantee the swing area is cleared and safe.

As you close one of our hydraulic doors, you’ll notice that during the last few seconds, the door moved only vertically. This is because we’ve designed a locking guide to expertly align the door into the closed position, both for security and functionality reasons. A tight seal also helps to control the environment within the shelter.

The open cycle time of Big Top’s hydraulic doors is several seconds, meaning that regardless of your structure’s intended use, access is quick and simple.

Benefits of Hydraulic Doors

  • Customizable to fit small and large scale openings
  • Easy to operate and fully automated
  • Lightweight because of it’s fabric cladding
  • Short open cycle allowing for quick access
  • Locking guide to ensure tight, secure closure
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