Storage Facilities


Fabric Structures for Storage Facilities

Storage needs can vary immensely from industry to industry. Not only are different size structures needed for various purposes, but the requirements and specifics of those structures can vary greatly as well. Big Top’s fabric buildings create the perfect solution for meeting those needs, regardless of your company’s size and budget.

No matter the industry, we work with you to custom design and manufacture the most durable and high-quality fabric structures for your specific purpose.

In many fields, such as the mining and mineral industry, as well as the oil and gas industry, storage facilities need to be both secure from outside forces, as well as comfortable for personnel working within them. We offer a range of custom heating, cooling and ventilation systems to keep the interior of our fabric structures optimally controlled.

We also use durable yet breathable PVC fabric that is translucent enough to allow light flow to enter the fabric structure, eliminating the need for additional light during daytime hours for most applications. Along with our advanced solar panel packages, we’re able to offer you significant opportunities to reduce energy use and save money.

Our fabric structures have also been tested and proven successful at withstanding the harshest weather conditions. Our proprietary design and high quality frame construction mean that your fabric building can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at you.


When it comes to bulk storage, Big Top fabric structures offer an array of benefits to our customers. If, for example, you’re storing and drying contaminated soil after a cleanup, we help you address potential challenges and custom design the most ventilated, spacious and eco-friendly structure your application demands.

Another benefit to our bulk storage fabric structures is the fact that they are mobile. Should you use them for a few years to store one item until it’s depleted and need to relocate your building, you can do so by rail, wheels or as a solid unit by crane.

So if you’re looking for a turnkey, durable solution for your storage needs, Big Top is the answer. No matter the size or scope of your operation, you can rest assured that all of your assets are protected, giving you the freedom to focus on growth.