Hangars & Sunshades


Fabric Structures for Aviation Hangars and Sunshades

Protecting your aircraft by leasing space in permanent hangars can be a costly endeavor. But letting your aircraft sit on the tarmac as the sun heats its metal surface to unbearable temperatures is not a wise option either. Big Top provides the ultimate in protection for some of the most advanced and expensive aviation equipment in the world, and does it at an affordable cost. Whether it’s the world’s most elite military fighters, or general aviation aircraft and equipment, our custom-built fabric structures are made to withstand the most extreme conditions, while providing you with the comfort of knowing that your valuable assets are safe and sound.

Both our hangars and sunshades protect your aircraft and equipment from extreme temperatures, rain and snow. They are also extremely durable and versatile, and can be relocated with ease. Here are a few more advantages of our hangars and sunshades:


  • COST CONTROL – We know budget is at the forefront of any large fabric structure application. Our hangars are extremely affordable when compared to traditional hangars.
  • COMPLETELY PORTABLE – Our hangars may be relocated as single units or as disassembled components.
  • DURABLE – Big Top hangars are dependable, and built to last for decades with no maintenance hassle.
  • VARIETY OF SIZES – Our hangars can be built long enough, wide enough and tall enough to accommodate aircraft of any size. One benefit of working with Big Top is that everything is 100% custom.
  • CLIMATE CONTROL – When compared to a metal structure Big Top hangars are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  You can also add insulation and a climate control system.


  • HEAT AND TEMPERATURE REDUCTION – Our fabric structures block the sun and reduce temperature by as much as 71 degrees on your aircraft and equipment. This in turn serves to increase maintenance crew productivity, as well as worker comfort.
  • CORROSION REDUCTION – Five times less corrosion occurs when your equipment and planes are protected from the elements.
  • FOUNDATION FLEXIBILITY – Our sunshades are adaptable to almost any surface, including dirt, uneven surfaces and sloped foundations.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Our sunshades are designed for quick, easy assembly and disassembly. And with modular designs, they can be relocated in components or with a customizable automated relocation system.
  • TAX SAVINGS – Our fabric structures are considered temporary, and depending on local regulation, may be property tax-exempted. Also, on military bases, they don’t count against square footage requirements because of this temporary classification.

So if you’re looking for weather protection at your airport or military base, Big Top fabric structures are the answer. From conception and design, through manufacturing and implementation, we have you covered.