Fabric Structures as Construction Shelters

Big Top Manufacturing Warranty

We’re committed to providing only the longest lasting and highest quality products possible, so we’re comfortable extending warranties on different fabric shelters, materials and components.

Used Fabric Shelter Inventory

If you’re looking to purchase a fabric building solution second hand, chances are you’ll be relying on what’s left of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the enclosure has been restored and refurbished, it may be extended. In this situation, it’s best to discuss your project with us and the intended use of your fabric structure so we can provide you with a written warranty when applicable.

Warranty for the Fabric Structure

Depending on what type of fabric you choose to stretch over the steel frame of your fabric shelter, a different warranty may be available.

  • 18 ounce fabric – 5 year warranty
  • 22 ounce fabric – 8 year warranty
  • 28 ounce fabric – 10 year warranty

If having a long, strong warranty is important to you, consider speaking with us about what materials hold up the best and which carry the best warranty in the earliest phases of consultation.

Galvanized Steel Frames for Fabric Structures

We design and manufacture our steel frames to be virtually maintenance free for the duration of their life, which is more than 20 years.

To learn more about fabric shelter warranties, please contact us.