Used Shelters – Inventory

For Sale by Big Top:

1.)    16′ wide X 50′ long X 17′ center height X 14′ side wall

Closed on both ends. 1 end comes with a 12′ X 12′ fabric door and the other end comes with a 3680 personnel door. Fabric – 18oz white PVC vinyl fabricsold

Price: $12,500
Shipping TBD


2.)    48’wide X 100’long X 12’center height X 5’side wall

Open Ends. Designed to anchor onto containers. Fabric – 18oz PVC vinyl

Pricing: Call for more information


For sale by clients:

Mid-Atlantic Coatings, Inc. – Chesapeake, VA 23323 – 757-485-0400

Five (5) shelters, 90’ Wide X 60’ Long X 23’ Center Height X 8’ Side wall – Two (2) sets end panels, 2ea access end wall with 2ea disappearing fabric doors. Each door includes all the necessary winch, cables, tracks, trolleys, and pulleys.

Price – $ 275,000.00


44’wide x 50’long x 42′ tall x 35’side wall – 22 oz. white PVC fabric Includes: 1 exhaust fan & 4 vents. 2 end panels with a 16′ x 16′ vinyl door and 1 3’x7′ personnel door on each end. Purchased in 2009 – Location – Phoenix, AZ. Contact: Frank Savarese 602 278 3350 – 402 363 8358       Price- $ 19,500







Puente Construction Enterprises

55’wide X 90’long X 30’center height X 20’side wall 18 oz PVC white fabric – 2 solid end panels – 1 personnel door w/panic hardware – 10×14 Coiling Metal Door – 12 Fluorescent lights                                   Contact- Joseph Harper 856-848-0919 or 609-221-6802

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Kiewit Construction

60′ Wide x 60′ Long x 42′ Center Height X 30′ Side Wall, 18OZ PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric, Flame Retardant, 24″ Heavy Wall, 10′ Spacing, 13 Gauge, 1 Side Access with winch door, 8 Lights, 2 Gas Heaters (400K BTU), 4 x 36″ Vents, 3 Exhaust Fans, Used for about 2.5 years, No issues in Chicago Winters, Currently Disassembled and ready to ship, Summit, IL We have ability to load. Please contact Brian Weidel  email hidden; JavaScript is required – 708-330-3072  for more information .       $59K   OBO.

Side Door

Side Door








Duke Energy

75’wide X 80’long X 76′ center height X 40’side wall. 18 oz. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (White in Color), Flame Retardant. 2 end walls – each comes with 1 ea. 50’wide X 30’high disappearing vinyl door and 2 ea. personnel doors per end. 18 ea. 400 watt 480 volt metal halide lights. Please contact David Barszczowski at 219-545-1568 – email hidden; JavaScript is required

Monte’s Marine Service

40’wide X 87’long X 13’tall. 18 oz. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (Green in Color), Flame Retardant. The structure is designed to anchor on steel cargo containers. The structure has 1 – closed rear end panel & 1 – access end with a 24′ wide door. $15,000  . Please contact Peter Monte Jr. at 201-568-1984 – email hidden; JavaScript is required

Victors Cars

32’wide X 45’long X 14’center height X 9’side wall. 22 oz. The structure is open on both ends. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (White in Color) Flame Retardant. Please contact Victor Brown at 774-266-2777

Kiewit Mining Group

91’wide X 130’long X 45’center height X 24’side wall. 22 oz. PVC Laminated Vinyl Fabric (Tan in Color), Flame Retardant. Please contact Cory Clarys 404-619-5436

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DH Griffin Wrecking

52’wide x 100’long x 24’tall. Comes with 2 mans doors and 2 large roll up doors. 120/240 electrical including electrical panels, lights, and plugs. Excellent shape, used only for 6 months. Is currently being stored in a 40′ Sealand Container which is included in the sale. Please contact: Eve Garcia – 813-720-2900 or email hidden; JavaScript is required $30K OBO

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