On-Site Surveying


On-Site Surveying for Fabric Shelter Installation

We offer several services that set us apart from our competition, but one of them is on-site surveying.

Big Top Manufacturing has been fabricating custom enclosures since the late 1970s, and we’ve become experts in providing custom fabric enclosures for complex situations.

The Big Top Process

Typically, we create your ideal solution by asking questions and looking at site pictures, maps, or drawings. However, occasionally the site has complex details that require a site visit.

We can send an individual or team to your site to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a fabric building solution to meet your needs. We can also give presentations to key personnel in your organization on the benefits of our products. Quite often people have a hard time conceptualizing our product. Our team of sales and design technicians can bring the concept to a reality in a short amount of time, illustrating the many customization options available to you. While on site, we can verify the dimensions of the area and items that you wish to cover.

Benefits of Thorough Evaluation

Having us evaluate your site beforehand and collect all necessary data ensures that your design will be customized specifically for your needs. The fee for this survey is economical and is credited back to you at the time of order. We can also help you write specifications for your bid process.

Big Top offers the complete package, from the site survey and design to fabrication and installation. We are a one-stop, full service company with the expertise to solve your most complex needs for coverage.

Fees for services are $830.00 USD for the United States and its territories, Canada, and the Caribbean. International Services are $1,100.00 USD per day per person. Included is hotel, rental car, meals, taxies, and airport parking.