Big Top Manufacturing Consulting Services

Among the many services that benefit our clients is our consulting process. Like our products and fabric shelters, our consultations are completely custom, and they are never a cut and dry process.

Having worked with thousands of clients worldwide over the span of several decades, we know that each application presents unique challenges and that each project will require different steps than the last to complete perfectly. For this reason, we offer a range of consulting and support services to accompany our quality fabric structures.

Types of Consulting Services

In many situations, remote consultations work for our clients. Via phone, email, shared documents and extensive Q and A sessions, we can gain the knowledge we need to design and build your ideal fabric building solution. However, some clients take advantage of the extra consulting services we offer, some of which include:

  • On-site surveying
  • Foundation evaluation
  • Design recommendations
  • Assistance writing specifications for your bid process
  • Dedicated representatives for you during each step of the process
  • Installation support
  • Tech support
  • Continuous troubleshooting and guidance on expansion, relocation and repair of your fabric buildings

Our Policy of Availability

Having dedicated ourselves to creating a thorough and time tested process, as well as the customer service required to support it, our team at Big Top has established a policy of availability.

We know that large fabric building projects can be daunting, and that in every case, the end result needs to be flawless and cater to the needs of the client. Whether it’s a military hanger, a fabric structure for a classroom or a fabric shelter for a marine or port application, our team is available to answer your questions, provide progress reports and support you throughout the entire process.