Fabric Structures for Sports and Events

Sports are played all over the world in a variety of climates and conditions. This of course creates the need for a wide array of shelter and storage structures. And beyond the world of sports, Big Top fabric building solutions create an ideal environment for any type of special event or exhibit space.

With custom HVAC options as well as several electrical system choices, our steel frame membrane buildings provide a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for your players, guests, spectators and staff. They’re also built on a modular design, so should the needs of your team change, you can disassemble and relocate them with ease. Here are just a few of the products and advantages we offer:

Big Top fabric shelters are perfect for indoor sports facilities, and they can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of traditional stadiums. Venting and HVAC systems allow hundreds or thousands of people to participate in and view sporting events comfortably in any weather. Artificial turf, solid flooring and natural grass can all be supported inside these structures.
Big Top Fabric Structures can make any sporting facility into a weather-friendly environment for spectators and participants. We offer many options to allow you to customize your structures.
For any type of special event or sporting contest, Big Top Shelters provide a weather-proof, comfortable and truly welcoming atmosphere to host VIP's, fans, or exhibits.
Create inviting, comfortable areas to host concession and souvenir operations with Big Top Fabric Structures. Our structures are completely portable, and serve well in situations when sports facilities are shared by multiple organizations. Custom options like electrical and natural lighting, including solar power are available.
Big Top Fabric Structures serve many purposes for courses and clubs. Out structures are more attractive than traditional metal buildings and are used for hospitality, concessions, tournaments, equipment storage and many other uses. READ MORE

So if you have a special event to plan, or need an indoor practice area or exhibit space, Big Top has a turnkey, durable solution to your sporting and special event needs.