Fabric Building Solutions for Schools

Budget cuts and population increases have led to a shortage of classroom space in many school districts. The solution to this problem in the past has been to construct new buildings or purchase trailers for additional space, but a new type of building has caught the eyes of school administrators around the country. Tensioned fabric structures are not only ideal for classrooms but also for sports facilities, special events, storage and maintenance. These lower-cost, yet highly durable buildings are available from Big Top Manufacturing in a variety of sizes and configurations.

And with custom HVAC options as well as several electrical system choices, our buildings provide a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for students, faculty, and valuable equipment. Here are just a few of the products and advantages we offer:

Big Top fabric shelters are perfect for indoor sports facilities, and they can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of traditional stadiums. Venting and HVAC systems allow hundreds or thousands of people to participate in and view sporting events comfortably in any weather. Artificial turf, solid flooring and natural grass can all be supported inside these structures.
Big Top Structures are widely used for Gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias. Our Structures can be erected by unskilled laborers at the rate of 2,000 square feet per day, and they can be relocated or dismantled for storage as required. When fully enclosed buildings are not necessary, a canopy structure can be used that provides protection from the hot sun or rain. READ MORE
Many school districts use valuable building space to store books, files and furniture when it could be used to directly benefit students and faculty. Excess furniture, equipment and learning materials can be stored in a Big Top shelter where they will be fully protected from the elements. Humidity can be controlled with a built-in humidifier, and several options for doorways are available.
Maintenance equipment can take up a lot of space, and storage for this equipment is often in areas that require maintenance staff to interact with students during school hours. Students, maintenance personnel and faculty can all be kept happy by providing a dedicated facility that is easy to access yet separate from the areas used by students.

So when it comes to the safety and comfort of our country’s students and teachers, Big Top has a turnkey, durable solution that can fit within any school’s budget.