Fabric Structures as Dining & Meeting Facilities

Mining and mineral operations often take teams into far-flung locales, where traditional office and gathering space is at a minimum or non-existent. Affordability, mobility and speed are always a factor in setting up ideal spaces for personnel to collaborate and gather in comfort.

Fabric structures as offices: A tensioned fabric structure from Big Top Manufacturing is ideal for onsite offices, gathering places, and dining facilities. These structures have been used as mess halls by the U.S. military and private organizations for years, meeting stringent requirements and applications.

Fabric Structure from Simple Construction and Versatile Design

A fabric structure used as a staff building from Big Top Manufacturing can be constructed quickly and easily by general laborers. However, experienced professionals with the right equipment will be able to put up the structure in about half the time. Once the building is up, it requires little to no maintenance and can last for 20 years before the fabric will need to be replaced.

Our fabric structures are modular in design, which means that the structure can be made bigger or smaller by introducing new or excluding existing modules. Only a single day’s notice is required to complete the modification. The building can also be custom designed if one of the prefabricated models is not suitable for a particular location.

Temporary or Permanent Fabric Structures

While our fabric structures are ideal as cost-controlled, semi-permanent offices or dining halls, they can also be used on a temporary basis. When the structure is no longer needed, it can be dismantled just as easily as it was constructed, and it can be put into storage indefinitely. The steel frame is galvanized to keep it free from rust or corrosion no matter how long it is stored, and the fabric cover can be rolled or folded into a fraction of its outstretched size.

Big Top Fabric Structures are also completely mobile. If the building only has to be moved a short distance, wheels can be attached so that it can be rolled to another location without having to be dismantled. It can also be moved as a single unit by an aerial lift or crane.

Benefits of a Big Top Fabric Building Office, Gathering Place or Dining Facility

Our fabric buildings provide several important benefits that are not available with traditional buildings or cheap imitations. A few of these benefits include:

  • Natural lighting – The translucent fabric allows enough natural light in during the day to work, meet, prepare food and eat without artificial lighting. We do offer, however, plenty of electrical system options, including solar power.
  • Quick installation – The building can be constructed in a single day. It can also be quickly broken down and relocated to where it is needed most.
  • Foundation options – The structure can be erected on concrete, asphalt or dirt, saving you money by not having to prepare pricey footing for the fabric building.
  • Weatherproof – The building provides protection from rain, heat, cold and winds of up to 120 mph.