Multipurpose Fabric Shelters from Big Top

Businesses and individuals of all sorts suffer from a lack of building space, whether it is space for living, storage, work or other activities. Portable and semi-permanent fabric shelters from Big Top Manufacturing can be used for all of these general purposes and many more.

Some of our fabric shelters are designed for specific uses, but most of them are suitable for any activity that cannot be performed or is uncomfortable to perform in the open. These shelters are the perfect alternative to smaller, shed-like structures and expensive, permanent buildings. They are easy to assemble, extremely durable and very affordable considering their features and potential uses.

Uses for Multipurpose Fabric Shelters

Big Top’s multipurpose fabric buildings can be converted quickly and easily from serving one purpose to another. In many cases, no structural changes have to be made, but when structural modifications are necessary, the modular design makes conversion a simple process.

Length and width can be increased or reduced by adding or omitting modules, and side walls can be raised or removed completely. In addition, the end walls can be removed or modified with a number of door options. Bay doors wide and tall enough for vehicles can be set in one or both end walls while personnel doors can be added nearly anywhere they are needed.

Some of the most popular uses of multipurpose fabric shelters are as follows:

  • Storage – whether storing farm equipment or looking for bulk warehousing, our fabric shelters make great, secure options for storage
  • Personal workspace or added workspace on construction sites, military bases or ports
  • Vehicle maintenance – on both large and small scales, our fabric buildings can be customized to accomodate large fleets and vehicles for needed maintenance
  • Sports enclosures – great for small school games all the way to large, major sporting events
  • Aircraft hangars – whether for military, personal or commercial use, our fabric shelters are secure and economical hangar solutions
  • Environmental applications – Big Top fabric building are often used as relief centers or contamination containment structures
  • Adding space to schools is important around the globe, and our fabric structures provide cost-controlled and relocatable options

Features of Big Top Fabric Shelters

Big Top fabric structures have several special features that make them the perfect multipurpose shelter systems. They can be installed at a rate of 2,000 square feet per day by unskilled workers, and they go up about twice as quickly with skilled or experienced workers. The shelters can be built on dirt foundations, asphalt, concrete or portable ballast blocks. We have also had great success in different application using ISO shipping containers to create walls for our fabric buildings solutions.

Several choices of fabric are available for our structures, depending on your weather and usage requirements. This fabric is rated to last for 14 to 15 years before it must be replaced. It protects people and equipment from all types of weather, and the sunlight that filters through is enough to make electric lights unnecessary during the day.

When the shelter is no longer needed where it is, it can be disassembled for storage or it can be relocated with wheels or a crane. In addition, the shelter can support a standard electrical system or an optional solar power system.