Fabric Buildings for Maintenance Shelters

Tensioned fabric structures from Big Top Manufacturing are the ultimate solution when maintenance work must be completed in the field or when all permanent maintenance bays are full. These maintenance shelters are available in several standard sizes and can be ordered to custom specifications. Fabric shelters are also specialized for several industries, including aviation, marine, military, construction and warehousing.

Why a Maintenance Fabric Shelter?

A maintenance fabric shelter from Big Top provides protection for vehicles, equipment and personnel during routine maintenance and repair work. This prevents sensitive mechanical equipment and vehicles from being exposed to elements that can cause corrosion while allowing maintenance crews to work through any weather conditions.

Adverse weather is the leading cause of long delays when it comes to equipment maintenance and repair. Many tasks cannot be performed in the rain, during other types of storms or in extreme temperatures, and those that can be performed often take considerably longer than they would in ideal conditions.

Industries Benefiting from Maintenance Fabric Buildings

Big Top maintenance shelters are used in several different industries. Following are just a few that have experienced the benefits of these versatile enclosures:

  • Aviation – Along with hangars and terminal buildings, maintenance shelters are one of the three major types of Big Top fabric structures used in the aviation industry.
  • Marine – Big Top fabric structures are well suited to the marine industry. They can be built over dry land or water and can use shipping containers for side walls.
  • Military – The U.S. military contracts with Big Top for large area maintenance shelters (LAMS) that can be transported and quickly deployed wherever they are needed.
  • Construction – Construction work cannot take place without vehicles and heavy equipment. Performing maintenance onsite saves time and money.
  • Warehousing – Delivery trucks and forklifts are necessary in nearly every warehouse, and having a dedicated maintenance facility prevents valuable warehouse space from being used.

Features of Big Top Maintenance Shelters

Big Top maintenance shelters are temporary or semi-permanent structures that use a tensioned-fabric design. The frames are comprised of galvanized steel tubing tested at 55,000 PSI and hot-dipped in zinc to resist corrosion. The fabric is made of 18-oz., 22-oz. or 28-oz. PVC and has an expected lifespan of 10 to 20 years, without the need for upkeep. With typical care and maintenance, our expertly designed and constructed fabric structures can last much longer.

Our fabric resists all types of weather and allows light to filter into the enclosure. In addition, these structures support a variety of entryways and ancillary systems, including climate controls, HVAC systems and electrical lighting. Contact us to discuss what accessory options will best meet the demands of your fabric structure.