Fabric Structures as Large Area Maintenance Shelters – LAMS

In many settings and situations, maintenance duties are of the utmost importance, and the ability to repair vehicles and equipment cannot be hindered by adverse weather. The U.S. military recognized this fact several years ago and employs a type of structure that has become known as a large area maintenance shelter (LAMS). These shelters offer a large work area protected from the elements while being both mobile and durable. Big Top Manufacturing provides the military and other government agencies with such shelters, but they are also available for civilian applications.

What Is a Big Top LAMS System?

A LAMS from Big Top is a tensioned fabric structure that can be quickly deployed, assembled and disassembled. They are often referred to as maintenance tents, tent shops or tent buildings but are much more versatile and stronger than standard tents. A LAMS combines the best features of tents and traditional structures, and it can stand in one spot without any maintenance for up to 20 years, go into storage when not needed or be relocated as necessary. Versatility and convenience are things we keep at the forefront when planning, custom designing and manufacturing your fabric structure.

The walls and roof of a LAMS are made from high-quality PVC fabric that is stretched over a grounded steel frame. The fabric resists all types of weather, and fully erected structures can stay upright in winds of over 100 mph.

How Is an LAMS Fabric Building Used?

Since a LAMS requires neither interior beams nor columns for support, they create large, open spaces completely protected from the outside. These interior spaces are perfect for conducting repairs and maintenance on vehicles and heavy machinery. The U.S. military uses these shelters for two basic purposes: aviation maintenance (LAMS-AM) and ground-vehicle maintenance (LAMS-VM). Both structures are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and LAMS-AMs can be built for specific types of aircraft, including fighters, bombers and drones. These structures are modular, so several are often connected to form large maintenance complexes or systems.

Why Choose a Big Top LAMS?

LAMS from Big Top Manufacturing include several important features and provide the following benefits:

  • Easy assembly – Assembly can be performed by unskilled laborers very quickly.
  • High structural integrity – Unlike other tent buildings, which use the fabric to support the frame, Big Top shelter frames are self-supporting.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – All of the components of Big Top shelters are fabricated domestically. In fact, the entire process is run from our base location helping us keep costs down and quality highly controlled.
  • Multiple configurations – Big Top shelters can be configured with bay doors, personnel doors, portable foundation blocks, flooring, lighting systems and climate-control systems.