Fabric Structures for Vehicle Inspection and Guard Shacks

In today’s world, security is in a heightened state everywhere we look. It’s now necessary for government or private companies to conduct vehicle inspections, maintain borders, and generally have a guarded security presence at their facilities. However, adverse weather can severely hamper the speed of inspectors, as well as the safety and security of any personnel assigned to guard booths. The best solution to this problem is to erect a guard shack or inspection shelter from Big Top.

Big Top at the Border

The US Border Patrol needed a flexible solution to cover and protect their inspectors at 17 different checkpoints along the border. They turned to Big Top. At locations such as San Ysidro, the busiest land port of entry in the world, the work was on active highways and was logistically challenging. In a coordinated effort with Border Patrol, Big Top was able to complete all 17 structures within a year and half, and now covers the outbound checkpoints, keeping officers out of the sun and the inspections out of sight.

Why Big Top Fabric Structures?

Big Top fabric structures are both budget-friendly and practical for a full range of services and situations, including guard shacks, vehicle inspections and other security checkpoints. They can be installed very quickly, and the galvanized steel frame goes up quickly and comes down rapidly. But while it is up, the frame is sturdy and built to last for a lifetime without any maintenance.

Our structures are resistant to water and can be engineered to meet your city or county’s required wind and snow loads.. In addition, the translucent fabric allows sunshine into the structure so that interior lighting is only required at night. This fabric is environmentally friendly, and can keep personnel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, the structure can be completed by adding a lighting system for nighttime use and a climate-control system for the winter and summer months.

If your company’s needs change, the structure can be dismantled and put into storage, or can be relocated as a whole unit via a wheeled suspension system or crane. This versatility cannot be found with traditional buildings, and the price cannot be matched.