Flightline Sun Protection Shelters (FSPS)

Military aircraft units and pilots with multiple bases have special requirements when it comes to hangars for the protection and storage of their planes and helicopters. Traditional hangars may not always be available, and leasing space in multiple locations can be extremely expensive. However, Flightline Sun Protection Shelters (FSPS), which is yet another smart way of using our fabric buildings, offer a quick, easy and totally mobile option for protecting your planes and helicopters. An FSPS from Big Top Manufacturing provides you with the durability of traditional hangars at a more affordable price.

Click the image below to learn how fabric structures can offset the dramatic temperature increases your valuable assets and equipment experience in the sun.
F35 Heat Gain

Military-Grade FSPS from Big Top

Big Top Manufacturing has been designing and producing tensioned fabric buildings and fabric shelters since 1979 and have used the most advanced technology available in the development of their FSPS. Military and paramilitary forces have been relying on them for decades because they are cost-controlled, quickly erected and easily relocated, as most of our fabric buildings are.

One of the primary purposes of an FSPS is to provide a shelter for helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft during field operations. These hangars can be stored onboard and quickly erected upon arrival to a destination airstrip, and they are able to endure harsh climates and weather conditions, including rain, heat, cold and high winds. We also design our fabric buildings for lightning protection.

The walls of tensioned fabric structures are constructed of high-strength PVC and are supported by galvanized steel frames. They can be erected without the use of a crane by general laborers and can be disassembled just as quickly.

The modular nature of Big Top FSPS allows them to be built in different sizes and configurations for specific purposes. Sections can be added or removed as needed for aircraft of various sizes. In addition, the hangars can be ordered to custom specifications for unusual aircraft or work demands.

FSPS Features and Benefits

Flightline Sun Protection Shelters from Big Top Manufacturing can support several different features, and the quick and simple setup is always an advantage. These hangars can be built upon virtually any foundation, including soil, sand, slopes and uneven ground.

The frame is lightweight yet sturdy, and the steel has been hot-dipped in zinc to prevent corrosion. It is guaranteed to be maintenance free for the frame’s lifetime.

A choice of fabrics is available starting with industrial grade 18oz PVC and ending with 28-ounce PVC on the upper end of strength and durability. We do not use polyolefin on our structures because it isn’t the highest quality option.

Many fabrics are translucent and allow light to enter, which reduces the need for electrical lighting during the day. However, we can customize your rapid erect hanger with an array of accessories, from lighting and electrical systems to doors, windows, HVAC units and more.

Our hangars are able to support a range of environmental control systems and power generators. Whatever your hangar needs – permanent or temporary – our experienced team of designers and manufacturers can customize the solution your application demands.