Paint Application & Blasting


Marine Paint Application Fabric Structures

Consider the amount of wear and tear vehicles and equipment receive in shipyards or in service, especially in harsh weather environments.

Salt spray from the ocean and moisture quickly deteriorates ships, thus frequent maintenance is needed. Large fabric building solutions can provide personnel with the dry, clean and properly accessorized spaces they require to correct the damage. The same goes with military aircraft and equipment. Fresh coats of paint are needed for both aesthetic and functional purposes, and within the proper fabric structure, this process goes more smoothly.

Features for Safe Paint Application in a Fabric Building

One challenge of applying paint, especially in large amounts using special machinery, is that you need superior ventilation while at the same time protection from the elements. You also need to prevent other equipment and people from receiving paint spray due, for example, to shifting winds.

Our fabric building solutions offer an array of ventilation and HVAC options to keep the space both safe and comfortable for your workers. With diverse door and window options, accessibility – even for larger vehicles and aircraft – isn’t an issue. We also provide several solar and electrical systems so paint application processes don’t come to a halt after sundown.

Paint Application Equipment and Integration

Because paint application requires specialized equipment, we recommend discussing custom design options with us before planning your fabric shelter. Is mobility an important factor? If so, considering incorporating rails, wheels or a support system for crane relocation is recommended. What type of structure will you be painting? This will help us determine the best size and accessory package for your fabric building.

Big Top has decades of experience building fabric shelters for different types of paint application, across an array of industries and environments. Regardless of your scope or specifications, we’ll work with you to ensure your shelter meets your projects needs.