Vehicle Inspection Fabric Shelters

During times of heightened security, it may become necessary for government and private security agencies to conduct vehicle inspections, and vehicle inspection at borders, or as part of general maintenance, is common. However, the ideal location for such an inspection is rarely near a covered shelter, and adverse weather can affect the speed of inspectors and the quality of their work. The best solution to this problem is to erect a vehicle inspection shelter from Big Top Manufacturing.

Fabric Shelters for All Types of Inspections

Big Top Manufacturing produces inspection shelters for all types of vehicles and all circumstances. Small, open-ended shelters can be quickly erected on roadways, in parking lots or in nearly any other environment rapidly. Larger fabric shelters can be constructed for trucks, buses and tractor-trailers, and they may include closable doors that are able to accommodate vehicles of this size for private security screenings.

Single shelters are prefabricated in sizes large enough to establish three lanes of vehicles, but custom sizes are available that are much larger. Two or more shelters can also be built together for additional space because they benefit from a modular design. This allows for vehicles that appear fine to enter and exit a pass-through shelter while vehicles requiring inspections that are more thorough can be waved into a separate unit.

Affordable and Practical Fabric Shelter Solutions

Big Top fabric shelters are both budget friendly and practical for a full range of services and situations, including vehicle inspections. The shelters can be installed very quickly, and it is no problem to divert traffic into other lanes during this process. The galvanized steel frame goes up quickly and comes down rapidly, but while it is up, the frame is sturdy and built to last for a lifetime without any maintenance.

Once the frame is up, a strong fabric made of PVC is pulled over it. This fabric is resistant to water, holds 40 lbs. of snow per square inch and protects against winds as high as 120 mph. In addition, the translucent fabric allows sunshine into the shelter so that interior lighting is only required at night. This fabric is environmentally friendly and can keep people and inspection personnel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When the inspection is over, the shelter can be dismantled and put into storage, or it can be relocated as a whole unit via a wheeled suspension system or a crane. This versatility cannot be found with traditional buildings, and the price cannot be matched.