Fabric Shelters for Salt and Sand Storage

Outside of the southern regions of the United States, crews work diligently in the winter to keep the roads safe. Snow and ice lead to dangerous collisions, but the danger can be minimized with generous applications of sand or salt. These materials must be kept safely stored yet remain available for use at a moment’s notice. In the past, traditional buildings have served this purpose, but the storage buildings from Big Top Manufacturing offer several benefits and are often more affordably priced.

Reliable Fabric Shelter Protection for Bulk Materials

When storing large quantities of salt and sand for winter use, the most important factor is keeping these materials free from moisture. Stored outside, salt dissolves and clumps into large chunks after a single rainstorm. The water quickly runs deep into the mound, ruining the entire stockpile. Most of the dissolved salt is pushed into the ground, destroying the viability of the soil, and what is left must be reprocessed before it can be used.

While sand is not as sensitive to moisture as salt, leaving it exposed to the elements can cause several difficulties, including degradation, loss of mass and clumping. When sand becomes wet, it can retain moisture in pockets, which creates an uneven weight distribution and puts a burden on delivery vehicles. The only solution to this dilemma is to build a shelter that provides adequate protection from the weather.

Our fabric shelters offer the ideal option, and they’re 100% custom built for your specific applications intended use to make them turnkey solutions for storing sand and salt.

Salt and Sand Fabric Shelters

Traditional, hard-walled storage buildings have been used for decades to protect salt and sand stores from rain and humidity, but the expense of constructing these buildings is very high. In response, some organizations attempted to use large tarps that covered the mounds of salt and sand, but this did not work as well as expected and didn’t provide adequate weather protection.

The ultimate solution to salt and sand storage is to erect a fabric storage shelter from Big Top Manufacturing. These shelters are extremely sturdy and durable, and they offer the benefits of traditional buildings. The structures are also large enough to accommodate tractors, trucks and any type of heavy equipment necessary in the delivery and deployment of salt and sand.

Big Top salt and sand shelters can endure winds of up to 120 mph and can hold up to 40 lbs. of snow per square foot. The translucent PVC fabric also allows ambient light to enter the structure, and it can support dehumidifiers and other climate control equipment necessary for extremely adverse conditions.