Fabric Structures as Portable Command Centers

While fabric shelters from Big Top Manufacturing are ideal for use as hangars for military aircraft, barracks and military equipment storage, they are also the perfect solution for portable command centers.

Our fabric enclosures can be rapidly deployed in the field, and they fully support the array of communications and analysis equipment required by commanding officers for the successful completion of their missions. Once a mission is over, the command center can be easily dismantled and put into storage or transported to the next job site.

Government or Private Use of Fabric Shelter Centers

Big Top already holds government contracts with the U.S. armed forces and allied military forces, but the company’s portable command centers can be used by many other government and private organizations, including the following:

• Police forces
• Fire departments
• Security agencies
• Disaster relief organizations
• Mining and exploration companies

Why Big Top Fabric Shelters?

Big Top fabric shelters have a full set of features that provide the mobility, durability and versatility required for effective field command centers. The arched frame is composed of lightweight tubing made of galvanized steel that is rated at 55,000 PSI. This frame can be erected on nearly any type of foundation, including dirt, and it is guaranteed not to require maintenance or servicing. It also supports the structure without the need for internal columns, which provides maximum interior space.

A fabric made of weather-resistant PVC is pulled tautly over the frame to complete the basic structure. The strongest fabric available has an expected life of over 20 years and grab strength of over 700 lbs. per square inch. A choice of colors is available, and the fabric can be opaque or translucent to allow light to enter, which eliminates the need for electric lighting during the day.

Supports Auxiliary Systems for Fabric Enclosures

Big Top portable command centers use a modular design that permits the shelters to be adapted for specific missions, and they can be further customized by adding an array of auxiliary systems. Full HVAC and climate-control systems can be installed in lieu of standard venting, and all electronic systems required for military and public services are supported. Several options also exist for doorways, and large doors and sections of roof can be attached to automated or manual rail systems for easy opening and closing.

Big Top takes pride in designing custom electrical systems and HVAC systems for the specific needs of each client. No one better understands how these systems can be incorporated into the structures as seamlessly as possible, and if you would like to learn more about them, please contact us to start a dialogue.