Fabric Structures for Equipment Storage

Frame and fabric structures from Big Top Manufacturing are a competitive alternate to hard-sided buildings, and they provide several advantages, typically including a lower price. Heavy equipment can be kept safe and securely stored, while personnel enjoy the spacious, environmentally controlled workspace.

About Big Top Storage Fabric Structures

Big Top storage fabric structures rely on two key components for their strength and durability. The first is a galvanized steel frame that is guaranteed not to rust or corrode. The second component is high-strength fabric made from PVC that is weather resistant and environmentally efficient. When combined with a design process that took years of research and testing to develop, these two components create tented fabric structures that can withstand 120-mph winds and up to 40 lbs. of snow per square inch.

These structures can also support several types of climate-control systems and lighting systems, including HVAC systems, vents, railing systems and electrical ballasts. In addition, the frame will remain viable for life, and the fabric is rated to last for 10 to 20 years, at a minimum.

Fabric Shelters Protect Your Valuable Equipment

Big Top fabric storage buildings provide your equipment with shelter from the heat, cold, wind and rain so that they are not susceptible to corrosion-inducing elements that reduce the lifespan of the equipment. These structures are large enough to accommodate vehicles and heavy construction equipment, such as dump trucks, bulldozers and backhoes.

Size is not a factor because these buildings are modular and can be outfitted with large, bay doors. Each fabric building can be customized for a particular purpose, and several modules can fit together to create a large storage complex.

Fabric Shelters Offer Simple Setup and Mobility Options

One of the greatest benefits of Big Top storage structures is that they can be erected by general laborers very quickly, and they can be taken down and put into storage when no longer needed. In addition, these buildings can be equipped with wheels so that they can be relocated without having to be disassembled.

The U.S. military has purchased Big Top shelters for several purposes, including equipment storage. They are prized for their quick setup and versatility in a wide range of environments. Unlike other types of structures, they can be built on dirt foundations, uneven ground or slopes without a problem.

Whether you’re storing farm equipment or large aircraft, we can consult your project to help outline challenges and custom design and build a fabric shelter to overcome them.