Fabric Shelters for EMS Departments

When departments specializing in emergency medical services (EMS) are deployed in disaster areas, sufficient space for EMS responders may not be readily available. Treating the most people in the most efficient manner requires a mobile fabric shelter that can be erected quickly and that can support all of the necessary medical equipment. Big Top Manufacturing has already provided such shelters to EMS departments around the nation, and they are not only cost controlled but also meet all of the guidelines for medical services.

Rapidly Deployable EMS Fabric Shelters

Our EMS fabric shelters can be rapidly deployed whenever they are required. A team of six unskilled laborers can erect a 2,000-square-foot structure in a single day, and a crew of skilled construction personnel can do the same job in only five hours. In addition, the fabric shelters can be built on any type of foundation, including concrete, asphalt and bare ground. Other foundation options include portable ballast blocks, wood pilings and shipping containers.

In fact, the quick assembly our fabric building solutions support is a great benefit when operable shelters in needed within a quick timeframe.

Big Top Structures’ Equipment and Accessory Options

Big Top EMS fabric shelters support a wide range of options and accessories. The prefabricated modules can be built in tandem to create large, multi-room complexes with areas for admission, triage, first aid and surgery. Full electrical systems and ventilations systems can also be incorporated into the shelters, including negative-pressure systems for sterile areas or the containment of pathogens and toxins.

Temperature-control systems can also be included for particularly hot or cold climates, and humidity can be reduced with dehumidifiers. Although the translucent rooftop and walls provide adequate light during the day for regular activities, specialized light systems for medical work can also be installed.

Fabric Building Solutions for More than Medicine

Big Top tensioned fabric shelters can be used for several purposes other than direct medical services, and they may play an important supporting role in the activities of EMS departments. They can be used as an operational headquarters, a break area for personnel, equipment storage or vehicle maintenance. In addition, they can serve as hangars for emergency airplanes and helicopters.

Resilient and Versatile Fabric Shelters

The tensioned fabric structures from Big Top use high-quality PVC stretched over a galvanized steel frame. This design makes them both durable and portable. The frame is guaranteed not to rust or require any maintenance, and the strongest fabric includes a 10-year warranty. Shelters can be easily dismantled for storage, or they can be transported in whole to other locations.