Waste Management

Waste Management Fabric Shelters

Waste Management Fabric Shelters

In several locations across North America, as well as globally, waste management companies are experiencing severe shortages of space caused by excess waste and population growth. This has created situations where landfill, recyclable and compostable waste is being stored outside of processing centers and around landfill perimeters.

Needless to say, this is an environmental hazard, and waste management companies are reluctant to spend the money to expand existing facilities or build new, permanent structures because of expense and uncertainty about future waste volume production. One of the most ideal solutions to this problem is to forgo traditional buildings for the waste management fabric buildings available from Big Top Manufacturing.

Fabric Structures as Solutions for Waste Overload

Waste overload is being experienced by waste management companies of all sizes. Commercial enterprises and residential buildings that are experiencing elevated levels of waste have nowhere to store it once the existing dumpsters, bins and waste corrals are full. To complicate matters, this waste may be unsightly, have a strong odor or be environmentally hazardous.

Dealing with an abundance of waste requires building new structures for waste storage and processing, but traditional structures can be expensive and impossible to erect on certain types of foundations. However we keep budget constraints at the forefront when designing your fabric building, for whatever use.

Fabric Structures Built to Last

Although Big Top’s waste management fabric shelters are not traditional buildings, they can provide overhead cover or a full enclosure to a new waste area. These shelters are available in a number of prefabricated sizes and styles, but they can also be built to custom specifications. The shelters can have high roofs, open walls or giant bay doors that allow trucks and heavy equipment to enter. They can also have open ends, which is perfect for composting projects that require maximum ventilation, such as those at major landfills.

The galvanized steel frame of a Big Top fabric shelter is resistant to corrosion and guaranteed to be free of maintenance for the lifetime of the building. The roof and walls are created by a durable fabric cover that is stretched across the frame.

One of the primary benefits of these shelters is that they can be built on nearly any type of foundation, including bare ground. They can also be erected quickly and can be dismantled for storage in less than a single day. With the help of a wheeled base or a crane, the buildings may be relocated without disassembly to new waste management sites.

Fabric Structure Accessories

Especially in waste management industries, where safety concerns and the need to be as environmentally kind as possible are involved, our accessories and add-ons are ideal. Ventilation, humidity control, heating and cooling, lighting options … all of these can be incorporated to ensure the interior is healthy and comfortable for personnel.