Warehousing & Bulk Storage – Environmental Industry

Think for a moment about your storage needs. Not just personal storage or storage for small business, but massive storage needs ranging from product distribution centers to branches of the military. Large populations and commerce lead to the need for extensive amounts of storage space, and Big Top’s fabric buildings create the perfect solution for meeting those needs

In many situations, warehouses need to be both secure from outside forces, as well as comfortable for personnel working within them. We offer a wide range of custom heating, cooling and ventilation systems to keep the interior of our fabric shelters optimally controlled.

We also use durable yet breathable PVC fabric that is translucent enough to allow light flow to enter the fabric structure, eliminating the need for additional light during daytime hours for most applications. Along with our advanced solar panel packages, we’re able to offer you significant opportunities to reduce energy use and save money.

Our fabric structures have been tested and prove successful withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. Wind gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour, heavy rains, as well as dense snow collecting on the roof can be problems for some fabric structures. Our proprietary design and high quality frame construction, however, mean that your fabric building can withstand these and other weather challenges.

Over the decades, we’ve provided fabric structure warehouses to nearly every industry imaginable, and here are just a few examples:

  • Manufacturing and product distribution centers where bulk storage is needed
  • Conditioned space for commercial industry storage
  • Military bases where keeping supplies safely warehoused is a priority
  • Post offices where additional space is needed to store and process packages
  • Schools where storage for desks, books and other supplies is needed
  • Environmental agencies to warehouse equipment and supplies during disaster relief
  • Sports groups for storing equipment

If you’re looking for a versatile, cost controlled, durable and relocatable warehouse, Big Top’s fabric building solutions offer endless options.