Fabric Structure Hangars

One of the surest ways to reduce the aesthetic value of an aircraft and escalate its need for mechanical maintenance is to leave it exposed to the elements while not in use. Many pilots and aircraft owners lease space in permanent hangars, but this can be an expensive proposition over the long term. The solution to this problem is to build your own hangar, and the airplane hangars from Big Top Manufacturing allow you to do so easily and affordably.

Regardless of the size or number of your aircraft, we can help customize a fabric building solution to make the ideal hangar.

Types of Fabric Structure Hangars

The fabric hangars from Big Top are available in several different styles to meet the specific needs of different pilots, maintenance technicians and owners.

Some of the most popular categories of hangars include:

Shade Hangars

Also known as shade shelters, these are basic, open-ended structures that provide side walls and a roof to shield the aircraft from the sun, rain and snow. This not only protects the airplane but also the maintenance crew. 

Commercial Storage Hangars

Commercial storage hangars are the some of the most popular type of hangars sold by Big Top Manufacturing. These hangars are totally enclosed, and the front wall may include a manual bay door or a hydraulic bay door.

For hangars that are heavily used by personnel, these provide an excellent, easily accessible option.

Military Hangars

Military hangars are constructed with portability in mind. These hangars are simple to assemble and disassemble, and they can be carried aboard cargo planes to airstrips around the world. Learn about Big Top Flightline Military Shelters here

Helicopter Hangars

Big Top helicopter hangars are used by federal government agencies, such as the U.S. Border Patrol. They are admired for their durability, portability and quick setup time. 

Benefits of Big Top Fabric Hangars

Big Top hangars consist of galvanized steel frames covered with heavy-duty fabric made of PVC. These hangars may be used as permanent shelters or as temporary solutions for aircraft storage, and they support an array of optional accessories. Following are just a few of the benefits of aircraft hangars from Big Top:

  • Cost control – We’ve been in business for decades and we know budget is at the forefront of any large fabric structure application. Our hangars are extremely affordable when compared to traditional hangars.
  • Completely portable – The hangars may be relocated as single units or as disassembled components.
  • Durable – Big Top hangars are built to last for up to 20 years with no maintenance hassles, at a minimum. With care, however, our fabric shelters can last years longer.
  • Large and small sizes – The hangars can be built long enough, wide enough and tall enough to accommodate aircraft of any size. One benefit of working with us is that everything is 100% custom.
  • Climate control – The hangars include natural climate controls, and daylight shines through the fabric. Additional environmental control systems may be added at any time.