Relocatable Fabric Structures

Mobile, Relocatable Fabric Structures

At Big Top, we make mobility and ease of relocation a priority. Even when our fabric structures are installed for permanent use, circumstances often arise that require the building to be temporarily moved, and we provide the equipment, instruction and design forethought to make that possible.

It’s important to consider whether or not relocation will be necessary for your application. Ideally, we can factor this into your original design and integrate  the components necessary to make moving your structure simple. This process is easily done at the outset of the project, as opposed to after construction.

Most of our fabric buildings can be assembled using unskilled labor at a rate of approximately 2,000 square feet per day. Big Top shelters can be disassembled equally as easily for mobility, or they can be leveraged and relocated by crane, rails or wheels.

Fabric Shelter Relocation Packages

If you know for sure your shelter will need to be relocated after assembly, we recommend including a relocation package with your initial order. While most of our fabric buildings can be retrofitted with the equipment needed for moving, it’s typically more expensive to do so after it has been erected.

We do our best to keep your budget in mind when building your fabric structure, so if mobility is a paramount feature for your application, contact us for a consultation. We’ll work with you to determine the best design and future methods of moving your structure that will be the most cost effective and least labor intensive.

Benefits of Mobile Fabric Structures

The convenience of mobility is one many of our clients demand, and we’re happy to provide them with solutions. Being able to relocate your structure offers many benefits including:

  • Freedom to choose different foundations and construction sites
  • Customization options to make mobility easier, such as wheels or rails
  • Lessened environmental impact in one particular location
  • Cost savings of not having to construct additional structures for new projects