Lightning Protection


Fabric Structure Lightning Protection

For some applications, the threat of lightning is more severe and to protect your fabric structure from the force and the ensuing damage or fire, Big Top offers a lightning protection kit that can be installed on nearly every enclosure.

These kits provide added protection not only for the fabric shelter itself, but also for surrounding open areas.

Big Top’s Lighting Protection Kit

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible while achieving the highest level of success. Our fabric shelters, for example, while extremely sturdy and functional, are quick to assemble, disassemble and relatively simple to relocate.

The same goes for our lightning protection kit. Its components are basic but highly effective in protecting against lightning. The kit consists of the following items:

  • One lightning rod and a diffuser unit
  • One mounting bracket to support the system
  • 90 feet of aluminum cable
  • 40 feet of copper grounding cable
  • Three each of ½” x 8’ – 0” Copperbond ground rod
  • Fastening hardware
  • UL96-Certified System (Optional)

Installing a Fabric Structure Lightning Kit

This should be done in favorable weather and following our precise instructions. We offer installation and tech support with all of our fabric structures and accessories, as well.

If you think your application will need added protection against inclement weather of any sort, we recommend contacting us to start a dialogue about how best to meet your needs during the initial consultation and design period.