Gutters & Trim Kits


Gutters and Trim Kits

Big Top fabric structures are of course completely water-resistant and durable. However, there are other water-related issues that may arise that we have ideal solutions for. Our gutters & trim kits can accommodate any structure type you can imagine, and will provide that extra layer of protection in case of inclement weather.

For example, you may have large storage needs in smaller spaces. As a result, multiple Big Top fabric structures can be positioned side-by-side. In rainy conditions, water running down the side of one structure might have nowhere to go in the case of adjoining structures. Our custom fabric gutter can re-direct that water to one end of the building, preventing any water build up.

Our trim kits can be custom-made for any size structure, and not only inhibit groundwater intrusion, but prevent flapping in excessively windy conditions and give a more finished look. So when it comes to gutters and trim kits, Big Top has a turnkey, durable solution that can fit within any budget.