Electrical Panels for Fabric Shelters

Electrical Accessories for Fabric Structures

While many of the fabrics we use encourage natural light flow to minimize the need for electrical additions, most clients require lighting in some capacity. Big Top can help fully customize an electrical package specifically for your fabric structure. We incorporate design, manufacturing and delivery of all needed components into our quotes to better help you budget your project.

Big Top can plan and ship all of your electrical assets to complete your custom fabric structure. Our services include: design, manufacturing and delivery of all electrical components.

Standard fabric structure electrical packages consist of the following:

  • HiBay or LowBay metal halide lights
  • Hook hangers for all fixtures
  • Exterior, weatherproof boxes for the fixtures
  • Ample, flexible conduit
  • Black, white and / or green wiring
  • Main junction box to be located to the side of the shelter

Our service team will discuss your intended use for the fabric building, as well as what job tasks will be completed within. This will determine the quantity of fixtures you need to get your desired lumens or foot candles.

We have metal-halide lights, fluorescent lights, flood lights, emergency lighting with backup batteries and specialty lighting options for your tension fabric structure.

Special Considerations for Fabric Structure Lighting

When lighting a fabric structure, you need to have a licensed and qualified electrician at your disposal, both for safety reasons, as well as to ensure the electrical systems are put into place properly.

You will also need to supply a main power feed with the proper voltage. If your fabric structure is open ended, be mindful that wind and rain can cause the lighting fixtures to sway. We can provide additional rigging to further secure and stabilize your lighting in these situations. It’s also imperative that you supply substantial grounding for the structure before installing electrical components.

Durable Fabric Structure Lighting

For some applications, more durable fixtures are necessary, and we can discuss pricing and benefits with you before customizing your package. Totally enclosed, explosion-proof fixtures are available.

If you’re looking to lower your electrical costs but still have flexible lighting, we invite you to consider our more eco-friendly option — solar panels for your fabric structure.