Warehousing Fabric Structures from Big Top

Tension Fabric Structure Doors

As with any building, points of access are necessary for both ease of use, as well as environmental control. At Big Top, we offer several door options to meet these functional needs of our tension fabric structures.

Depending on the intended use of your building, you’ll work with our sales staff to determine which type of entry and exit points are right for you. If you need doors that provide added insulation; doors that adequately divert water runoff; or doors that allow for large scale entry – like those on aircraft hangars – Big Top can accommodate. We’ll discuss your mechanization needs and environmental challenges to ensure we provide the best door solutions for your structure.

Big Top Manufacturing stocks doors constructed from various materials, including:

  • Glass – ideal for personnel doors
  • Aluminum and other metal fabricated doors
  • Fabric access panels – perfect for our large and small scale roll-up assemblies
  • Specialty doors, such as winch-mobilized, freezer container and hydraulic

At Big Top, we work as a team, and because we keep our design and manufacturing in-house, we have a group of specialists who can collectively assess your fabric shelter and recommend the best doors and accessories for its use.

We’re a full-service operation, and regardless of your current status in your building solution project – in need of a new fabric shelter with full accessories, Big Top Shelters is here to help.