Anchoring & Foundations


Many Anchoring and Foundation Options

Over the years, Big Top Manufacturing has helped customers all over the world keep costs and environmental impact down by not requiring expensive and complex concrete foundations for our fabric structures. While we can certainly anchor your building to concrete, we also work to accommodate applications on an array of other surfaces including:

  • Dirt foundations
  • Asphalt foundations
  • Concrete foundations and slabs
  • Wood pilings
  • Ballast blocks
  • ISO shipping containers

Regardless of your foundation, our team of designers and manufacturing experts will work with you to determine your best solution. Typically, we can offer our recommendations after reviewing your documents, pictures and project plans, however, we also offer onsite evaluations and consulting, should you want a more hands-on and detailed approach to assessing your fabric structure foundation needs.

Included with our setup is all the anchoring equipment you’ll need to securely fasten your fabric building to whatever foundation you have. Because of this flexibility, our structures provide additional benefits to our clients including:

  • Mobility – they can be detached from the foundation and relocated
  • Low environmental impact – rarely is any sort of excavation needed for adequate footings
  • Security – we provide the best anchoring and fastening systems possible for your application

If you’re unsure whether or not you have a proper foundation for one of Big Top’s tensioned fabric structures, contact us to discuss the challenges of your projects. We’ll explore every solution possible to ensure we provide the best product to meet the demands of your application.